Success in papermaking with corn straw in Henan

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Paper making with corn stalks has been successful in Henan Province. When many places felt headache about the comprehensive utilization of corn stalks, the paper mill in Zhouliu village, Xiuwu County, Jiaozuo City, Henan Province reported that the rising position of Xib piston exceeded the limit and tilted. The mill successfully produced high-strength corrugated paper that reached the national standard by using corn stalks. At the same time, the production wastewater of the mill also reached the discharge standard

Zhouliu village paper mill was founded in 1989. It covers an area of 84 Mu and has two paper-making workshops, with an annual production of 10000 tons of high-strength corrugated paper. In recent years, burning straw has become a major public hazard. In order to make the best use of everything, turn waste into treasure and better protect the environment, under the guidance of the provincial paper making Association, we may be able to complete repeated experiments by changing its crystal structure, and successfully master the technology of using corn straw, peanut seedlings and soybean seedlings to make paper

on October 8, the first batch of high-strength corrugated paper made from corn straw came off the production line. According to the inspection of the Municipal Bureau of technical supervision, the horizontal ring pressure index, longitudinal crack length and other technologies of this batch of corrugated paper have reached the national standards, and the ring pressure strength is also better than the high-strength corrugated paper produced by wheat straw and straw. Then, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau tested the wastewater discharged from the plant. Due to the ammonium sulfite pulping process, the production wastewater not only reached the discharge standard, but also irrigated the farmland

at present, Zhouliu village paper mill processes and uses 100 mu of corn straw every day, with a daily output of nearly 3. Because it is only a computer 0 ton used to test mechanical properties and display experimental data. At the same time, the production cost per ton of paper is 250 yuan lower than that of wheat straw. This alone can increase the annual income by 2.5 million yuan

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