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With the market downturn and the increasing number of wardrobe brands, the competition in the wardrobe market is becoming increasingly fierce. In order not to be eliminated, wardrobe enterprises must make great efforts in production, enterprise management and knowledge. To win the market, we cannot ignore the construction and development of these internal conditions. How do wardrobe enterprises layout the new normal market? The whole wardrobe brand Deville

the performance of enterprises should be evaluated regularly

if the performance of wardrobe enterprises cannot be effectively evaluated, it is difficult to accurately find out the key problems, and it is difficult to grasp the focus of the next step. Relying on some incomplete data and experience or feelings to deal with the work, the enterprise will develop slowly and live as before

a perfect employee performance evaluation system is mainly to affirm achievements, carry forward strengths, help identify and correct existing deficiencies, and set a plan for correction within a time limit. From it, we can not only find talents and cultivate enterprise reserve forces, but also solve the common unreasonable phenomenon of "speaking is better than doing"

enterprises should know how to make good use of people

every wardrobe enterprise should have the concept of "responsibility is always greater than power". Many people ask at the beginning, "what power do I have? What can I get?" Then he asked, "what should I do?" Such a person should not be appointed by the enterprise to have any management responsibilities

on the contrary, with the concept of "responsibility is always greater than power" and implemented in the work attitude, the enterprise should take the initiative to undertake the work responsibility and care about the development of the enterprise, work hard, work hard, unite and cooperate, and the enterprise should strengthen the training of such employees and entrust them with important tasks

production should be agile

some enterprises prevaricate between departments (employees) in their actions, kicking one thing around as a ball, and finally they don't work at all. Simple things are extremely complicated to deal with. What about production agility! Indeed, many enterprises have not achieved satisfactory results in this regard

there are many reasons. The key is to reduce the management level and endow the responsible person with sufficient management responsibility and authority

enterprises should be good at managing corporate culture and knowledge management

corporate culture is a practice that has been accumulated in the work of enterprises for a long time. It is a common understanding and an improvement of enterprise management. Good corporate culture is the source of the formation of core competence. Creating an internal environment for enterprises to learn faster than others, cultivating young employees to grow rapidly, and constantly creating high-quality reserve forces for enterprises are the basic measures to make enterprises invincible forever

let employees eat well and sleep soundly every day, that is to say, the enterprise puts employees in mind, and employees will also think about the enterprise and the prospects of the enterprise. In this way, why should the wardrobe enterprise have no advantages? Why worry about not developing

in the future wardrobe industry, there may be other new forms of market chains in addition to the customized wardrobe Market and the finished wardrobe Market. However, no matter how the internal configuration of the market changes, wardrobe enterprises can only gain a firm foothold by adapting to and leading the new normal in the market development

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