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[] one of the most practical problems faced by young people who are about to enter the palace of happy marriage is how to choose the furniture of their new house and build their own comfortable love nest, which is a problem that needs careful conception and overall consideration. So, how to decorate the new home? Home furnishing experts interpret the fashion of new house decoration for you

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◆ authentic red bridal chamber

red is the traditional color of Chinese bridal chamber, but now many new people always feel that the extensive use of red in bridal chamber will have a tacky feeling. In fact, there is no constant distinction between elegance and vulgarity in the design, and the key lies in the specific grasp of color. Using a large number of traditional red, red bedding, coupled with red curtains, warm without losing romance and warmth, with the Chinese design of the whole set of rooms, there is a feeling of deep houses and courtyards in harmony, and this mysterious atmosphere is exactly what young people love

◆ pure white bridal chamber

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in sharp contrast to the red bridal chamber, the pure white bridal chamber design. The area of the new house is not large, and the owner has functional requirements such as clothing storage and makeup. Too bright and too deep colors will produce a sense of space constraints, while white is not only a symbol of purity, but also visually can extend the space. The soft warm color system makes the new house have a warm warmth, which is very suitable for the requirements of new people. In addition, roses and coffee can be added to the bedside of the new couple, so a strong warmth and romance will overflow the whole new house

◆ soft light yellow bridal chamber

speaking of the color of bridal chamber, people usually associate warm red and elegant white, and rarely set foot in other colors. Modern young people like the simple and fashionable home design. Even the new house can be boldly whitewashed, and they can choose other colors in the festive bridal chamber without worry. Light yellow has a kind of friendly atmosphere, adding a lot of soft flavor to the new couple

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◆ it is suitable to buy folding or combined furniture

in addition to having a unified style, the furniture in the newly married room must also adapt to its living environment in order to produce aesthetic feeling. First of all, furniture should be purchased from the size and orientation of the room. The area of the newly married room is often not very large. Sometimes a room has multiple functions including bedroom, living room, dining room and study. When purchasing furniture, it should be few and fine. Folding furniture and combined furniture with bright lines and neat and generous shapes can be configured. One thing can be used for multiple purposes, and the occupied area can be reused, which increases the effective use area of the room. In a new house that is not spacious, it is not suitable to choose horizontal, large and low furniture, but higher furniture to expand the activity area

◆ the decoration of the new house should focus on comfort.

the decoration of the newly married room should be comprehensively designed according to the size of the space, light and the surrounding environment. There should be a sense of integrity, the style of decoration and furniture should be unified, and the colors should be coordinated. In order to reflect the wedding atmosphere, some bright and bright colors can be used locally, but the overall tone is fresh and elegant, which makes people feel comfortable and comfortable

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colors with romantic and warm temperament should be selected in the application of colors, such as pink, lotus root, peach, light yellow, etc. Indoor lighting should be moderate, not too bright, and the ground can be partially paved with pure wool carpet beside the bed. The curtain can be made of two layers with thin outside and thick inside, which can not only block the line of sight, maintain room temperature, but also do not affect the rest during the day. The patterns and colors of curtains, bedspreads, sofa covers and other fabrics should be coordinated, supplemented by decorative materials with personality characteristics, so that the interior is full of elegant and romantic atmosphere. In addition, the decoration of the newly married home should avoid the clutter of indoor things, and many items should be placed in harmony with their own home environment





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