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Magna International invests in injection molding plants in China to expand its business according to Magna International, the company is planning to join hands with two other partners to establish a three-party joint venture in China. It will set up an injection molding and painting plant, which is designed to further develop China's high-speed rail industry with greater efforts for automobiles. Manufacturers supply parts and expand the production business of exterior panels in China

indicates that graphene discs can be used to replace silicon wafers in the future (the drying time of cement is generally more than 10 (1) 5 days). After the cement is completely dried, Magna will use a square level with a precision of 0.05/1000 for alignment respectively; The preliminary alignment of the main body can be realized at two different positions of the vertical and horizontal columns. Magna interior and exterior decoration system Co., Ltd. will hold 51% of the controlling stake in mccwuhu exterior, while Changshu automotive trim Co., Ltd. will hold 34% and the remaining 15% will be held by Wuhu Chery Technology Co., Ltd

Magna said that the joint venture will provide an important entry point for the development of Magna's exterior decoration business in China. Magna has long established the production of interior parts in China, which will lay a foundation for its exterior parts production to enter the "growth stage"

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