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According to fengshixun, Secretary General of Chongqing materials society, the technology of magnesium alloy and glass fiber materials in Chongqing ranks first in the country in terms of research and industrialization

magnesium alloy ensures automobile safety

two years later, Changan Automobile is expected to use magnesium alloy bumpers, which will greatly enhance the anti-collision ability of the automobile. Recently, the host of the session of the 2008 International Materials Conference said that the wear rate of parts. Zhangdingfei, vice president of the school of materials science and engineering of Chongqing University, introduced that the application of this advanced material in automobiles in Chongqing has made a breakthrough

it is understood that the national magnesium alloy material engineering technology research center based on Chongqing University is working on this research. Magnesium alloy has the characteristics of light weight and small vibration. After collision, it can absorb a large part of energy. If it is made into a car bumper, the drivers and passengers can be well protected after a crash. At present, a sample of magnesium alloy bumper has been made and has passed the test of Volkswagen

zhangdingfei said that as one of the representatives of advanced materials in Chongqing, more than 40 kinds of magnesium alloy products have been produced on a large scale and have been applied to more than 2million motorcycles and 50000 Chang'an micro cars

At the international materials conference, the person in charge of Chongqing International composite materials Co., Ltd. introduced that Chongqing has contacted some regional municipal departments and plans to replace the glass fiber manhole covers at the sewage outlets in the region

it is understood that this company uses a kind of glass fiber called ECR for pipe manufacturing, which is mostly used for various corrosive pipes due to its excellent chemical resistance. Compared with metal pipes, glass fiber mixed resin pipes have stronger hardness and are more suitable for sewage discharge. The person in charge also said that the fiberglass manhole covers are not only easy to install, but also can avoid the phenomenon of stealing and selling manhole covers

it is reported that there is still a huge gap compared with the international advanced level. After all, what glass fiber surpasses the conventional configuration is that the maintenance technology that requires additional money can also be used to replace steel in cars when using wire tubes. The more glass fiber materials are used, the lighter the weight of the car will be, and the unit fuel consumption will be less. It will be closer to us to achieve the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction while driving. Introduction of the person in charge

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