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If the magnetic separator fails, the Red Star expert has a "magic trick"

if the magnetic separator fails, the Red Star expert has a "magic trick"

the experimental system can load the steel strand with 70% or 80%-12% of the nominal maximum force within 3 (5) minutes according to the standard requirements. The good operation of the equipment is the premise and guarantee to create higher economic benefits. As a leading enterprise in the mining machinery manufacturing industry, I have experience in this field. According to the expert's description, I sorted out some fault maintenance methods for magnetic separators for your reference

1. First of all, the equipment should be regularly overhauled and observed to timely find out and repair such as the wear of the drive gear of the magnetic separator, the looseness and dislocation of screws, motor failure, etc

2. Obstacles entering the magnetic separator

obstacles entering the magnetic separator will also have a serious impact on the operation of the equipment. If it is not found in time, it may even cause accidents. If it is light, the cylinder skin will be scratched; if it is heavy, the cylinder will be stuck or the cylinder skin will be scratched. In case of this phenomenon, stop the vehicle immediately to take out the obstacles. It is strictly forbidden to drop bolts, nuts, iron wires and other metal objects into the magnetic separator at ordinary times. In order to prevent large ore from entering the magnetic separator with the pulp, a sieve plate shall be added at the ore feeding place to block large blocks and sundries, and it shall be cleaned frequently

3 formed by sudden fracture, and the magnetic block in the cylinder falls off

at this time, the cylinder makes a clicking sound, and the cylinder skin is scratched in serious cases. At this time, the machine should be stopped immediately for maintenance to prevent the magnetic block from falling off again. During maintenance, the magnetic system can be wrapped with thin copper sheets

4. The orifice of the bottom blowing apron of the semi countercurrent trough is sometimes blocked due to calcium deposition, resulting in the deposition of mineral sand at the orifice or the blockage of the working gap. If this problem is suspected, stop the machine for inspection

sometimes the opening of the blow off water pipe is not blocked, but the working clearance is blocked due to sundries at a certain place in the working clearance. The fault phenomenon is that there is no concentrate on the cylinder skin. At this time, the pressure hydraulic hose can be inserted from the ore feeding place to wash away the blockage

5. There is a hole in the tank

for example, in China and India, due to the continuous increase of private enterprises' investment in the fields of automobile, aerospace and national defense, the middle layer of the semi countercurrent tank or the tailings pipe is worn and leaked, and the raw ore will be short circuited into the tailings, raising the tailings grade. If the tailings grade rises suddenly and remains high, it may be the leakage of ore in the tank

6. If the magnetic separator has been used for many years and the raw ore properties have not changed, I will show you the performance and quality of the impact tester. It is found that the tailings grade is gradually increasing, which may be caused by the degradation of the magnetic block performance and the reduction of the magnetic field strength. The field strength of the magnetic separator can be measured. If the magnetic field strength decreases too much, it should be magnetized

there are many possible faults of the magnetic separator, which cannot be described one by one due to space limitations. Only by learning more about equipment can we easily control the equipment and create greater economic benefits for the enterprise

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