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Mainland Futures: affected by crude oil, even plastics continued to be depressed

affected by the weakening of crude oil, even plastics continued to weaken on Tuesday. The main contract l0901 closed at 6305, down 245 points, with 191654 deals and 37492 positions

U.S. crude oil futures closed higher than $6 on Tuesday, as there were signs that the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) would cut production and implement its recent decision

A weaker dollar and a stronger stock market also boosted crude oil futures, offsetting concerns about demand Gasoline and heating oil futures rose, rebounding from Monday's sharp fall

nymex December crude oil futures clz8 closed up US $6.62, or 10.36%, at US $70.53, with a daily trading range of 62 77 dollars London Brent December crude oil futures lcoz8 closed 5.96 higher and then adjusted the accuracy of the experimental machine to USD or 9.85%, with the settlement price of USD 66.44 and the trading range between 58 76 dollars

in terms of spot goods, Maoming Petrochemical LLDPE unit was shut down for maintenance. The listing price is stable: the membrane material 7042 is at 7600 yuan/ton, and the powder material 7042 is at 7100 yuan/ton

the first-line production of Guangzhou Petrochemical LLDPE plant was 7042, and the first-line production was 2001. The listing price was stable: 7042 was 7700 yuan/ton, and 2001 was 7650 yuan/ton

Zhongyuan Petrochemical LLDPE unit produces 7050. Delayed settlement, stable quotation: 9050k at 7600 yuan/ton, 9088 at 7600 yuan/ton, 7050 at 7600 yuan/ton

Qilu Petrochemical ll requires that the fixture volume is small, and the DPE unit produces 7042. In November, it plans to reduce 6000 tons; Delayed settlement and stable quotation: qllp01 delayed settlement at 7700 yuan/ton and 7042 delayed settlement at 7700 yuan/ton

overhaul of Tianjin Lianhua LLDPE plant. Deferred settlement, 12 The quotation of the electromechanical drive system is stable: 9020 is at 7750 yuan/ton. We can provide innovative adhesive solutions to meet the short-term and long-term business development of customers. 1820 is at 7400 yuan/ton, 9085 is at 7700 yuan/ton, and 1875 is at 7400 yuan/ton

the prices of the two major petrochemicals are stable, and the market continues to decline. On Tuesday, the US crude oil was affected by the negative economic data to be released this week, the dollar fell sharply, and the crude oil rose, which undoubtedly boosted the plastic market. However, the long-term upward trend of the US dollar remains unchanged. Therefore, the rebound is to gradually meet the high short selling opportunities and stop the loss of 6877

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