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Mainland Futures: petrochemicals raised prices and continued to strengthen

affected by Sinopec's increase in ex factory prices, the main contract l0901 rose in the first trading day after the plastic Festival. The main contract l0901 opened 8800, with a maximum of 8955 and a minimum of 8720, and closed 8915, up 335 points, with 198850 transactions and 50348 positions

U.S. crude oil futures fell nearly 4% on Monday, as the economic weakness and the continuation of negotiations on new contracts for refinery workers eased the threat of strikes, putting pressure on oil prices "The possibility of refinery workers' strike is significantly lower than last Friday, and economic data and consumer spending continue to fall, making the demand issue the focus," said Dominick chirichella, senior partner of energy, including its processing technology management institute

the report showed that the manufacturing activity data was better than expected, helping the oil price to recover from its earlier low

nymex-march crude oil futures clh9 settlement price closed down by US $1.60 or 3.84% to US $40.08 per barrel, and the intraday trading range was 39 31 dollars. London Brent March crude oil futures lc0h9 closed down $2.06, or 4.49%, at $43.82, with a trading range of 43 56 dollars

nymex March heating oil futures hoh9 fell 9.16 cents, or 6.39%, and the settlement price was $1.3424 per gallon. In the session, the price of nucleating agent was 0.2~0.71 Trading between $44

A spokesman for the United Steelworkers union said on Monday that good progress had been made in the negotiation of new contracts involving 24000 American refinery and chemical workers

the American supply management does not have high requirements for experimenters. The ISM wire and Cable Association announced on Monday that the manufacturing industry index in January was 35.6, the first increase since last June, and it is estimated to be 32.6

the sales branches of Sinopec and the major regions of PetroChina have successively raised the ex factory or ex warehouse prices and sold them at fixed prices. Most petrochemical manufacturers have low inventory and no sales pressure. The push up of petrochemicals led to a favorable rise in market prices, with each level rising by yuan/ton, of which the high-voltage and linear gains were better

the downstream factories have different starting conditions. At present, most of the packaging enterprises in the South continue to shut down, while the agricultural plastic film factories in the north have resumed driving one after another. The arrival of the film peak season gives the market a reason to hype linearity. In addition, their own supply is insufficient, and the merchants expect that there is still room for price rise in the short term. From the perspective of disk, once the pressure level of 9000 points is exceeded, it can continue to hold multiple orders

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