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Magic idea becomes reality wanghuiqun tackles the problem of degradable tableware

they can make degradable tableware from corn. They invented a solvent-free production process fast food lunch box? The magical idea became a reality in Wang Huiqun's hands. Wanghuiqun, born in 1971, is the general manager of Shantou Qijia Machinery Factory Co., Ltd. with a college degree from night University. In the same competition with top professionals, it was this non professional who took the lead in independently tackling the world-wide environmental protection issue of making degradable tableware with corn starch in large quantities and at low cost, causing a sensation in the domestic and international industry. In July this year, this achievement won the second prize of provincial science and technology progress award

taking the long-distance train, the white and discarded fast food lunch boxes on both sides of the railway track are shocking. According to incomplete statistics, China produces 20billion white contaminated fast food boxes every year. These white foam lunch boxes cause serious damage to human beings and the natural environment and are known as "white pollution". China has officially announced that the use of foamed plastic products will be prohibited by 2005. Wanghuiqun saw the infinite business opportunities

1997, when wanghuiqun decided to develop degradable products, relatives, friends and employees of the company were puzzled: the full-automatic high-speed blister has become famous in China, and the business is doing well. Why bother to find any degradable products? What's more, this project has huge investment and uncertain future! An industry authority who once cooperated with him in Shanghai also advised him: at present, this technology is not very mature. You'd better wait and see

no one can stop Wang Huiqun from seeing the right thing. However, he had only a few simple reports on degradable materials, and could not find a more detailed technical literature, and there was no ready-made equipment and formula for reference. Internationally, one of the main targets of degradable tableware is to use corn starch as base material. But it is not easy to change from principle to industrialized production. Wanghuiqun also learned that a famous university in Xi'an is undertaking research on relevant topics of the national "863" program. However, the starch content they obtained in the experiment is only 45% at most, and to achieve pollution-free degradation, the starch content must be at least 65%. In addition, according to the production mode of the research group, the cost per ton of raw materials is nearly 8000 yuan, which is too high to promote production on a large scale

"there is no problem in the direction. The key lies in the preparation of high content of starch and the control of the moisture content in the product forming process, which requires the organic combination of mechanical equipment and chemical formula. Experts are stuck, mainly because they failed to find a breakthrough in the combination of the two. We must not repeat the old path of experts!" After full analysis, Wang Huiqun, who was a mechanical fan since childhood, boldly blazed a new trail. From that day on, wanghuiqun plunged into the development of new topics. At more than 7 o'clock every morning, wanghuiqun came to the factory and closed the door to study and experiment. The bookcase was full of polymer chemistry, microbiology and other books. He started from the basics and chewed on one door after another

after nearly a year of knowledge accumulation, wanghuiqun began to carry out substantive production tests. He immediately set the starting point at the level of at least 65% starch content. Practice produces true knowledge. Practice is the best teacher. Experts in Colleges and universities can't use four kinds of additives, so try more. If one method doesn't work, try more. In the process flow, the twin-screw device for dynamically controlling starch moisture is the most critical, but it has not been produced in China, nor in Germany or Japan. Relevant experts from a university in Shanghai are still researching and transforming the imported products. Wang Huiqun simply started from scratch and just produced them independently. In two years, he poured out his savings and invested more than 2million yuan. After numerous small tests, the research and development entered the pilot stage, and Wang Huiqun's heart hung in his throat. "The sheets that come out are broken like sieves when heated one by one!" Staring at the "achievements" of hundreds of days and nights of hard work, wanghuiqun suddenly cooled from head to toe

"we must not give up halfway. As long as we do better today than yesterday, we should have a chance. As long as we persist, we will formulate and revise the national mandatory standards such as fertilizer classification and general Portland cement tomorrow, and we will succeed!" Wanghuiqun kept encouraging himself. During that time, he ate in the design room, slept beside the machine when he was tired, and lost nearly 20 kilograms. After many days of hard thinking, wanghuiqun suddenly realized that the formula of the base material and the arrangement of the key components of the equipment were not perfect, and the coordination of the paper strength tester, also known as the paper strength tester, did not reach the best combination point. The dilemma was solved at once. In October of that year, the deformation of the finished materials of the fast food tableware with high water resistance, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high finish, good strength and strong plasticity completely disappeared. Not only the cost approaches the white foaming product, but also the starch content is as high as 70%. The degradation performance of tableware has fully met the requirements of international environmental protection standards after being tested by the testing agency designated by the Canadian government. In December, the first set of "Qijia" starch degradable material extrusion sheet machine, which filled the domestic and international gap, was delivered to customers on schedule! All products produced by the production line are exported to Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other countries and regions. According to an authoritative organization in Hong Kong, the intangible assets of this design can reach hundreds of millions of yuan

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