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The magazine giant plans to purchase 200 mu of land to build a printing and logistics park release date: Source: paper guide future Views: 2698 copyright and disclaimer of liability core tip: on March 4, readers publishing media Co., Ltd. announced that in order to seize development opportunities, create new economic growth points, and achieve a smooth transition of the company's material warehousing business, it took this as a deed

, Reader publishing media Co., Ltd. announced that in order to seize the development opportunity, create a new economic growth point, realize the smooth transition of the company's material storage business, and take this opportunity to layout the high-tech green printing logistics industry, it plans to purchase about 200 mu of industrial land in Tianshui City and build a business printing Logistics Park (tentative name)

Tianshui material station of the company will be collected and stored.

reader media is subordinate to the reader publishing group. It is a first-class periodical enterprise in China. It has formed a periodical cluster with reader as the core, integrating the original version of reader, the campus version of reader, UFO exploration, story composition, the elderly Expo, etc. In 2020, the company achieved a revenue of 1.084 billion yuan and a net profit of 74.2639 million yuan

for a long time, reader media Tianshui materials Station has undertaken the functions of storage, supply and management of its teaching materials and teaching aids paper, effectively ensuring the storage and logistics task of the company's teaching materials and teaching aids printing paper. Tianshui materials Station is located in the courtyard of Tianshui Xinhua printing factory. In 2011, reader media obtained the land use right of the station in the form of transfer

in accordance with the spirit of Tianshui's opinions on supporting the relocation and transformation of industrial enterprises in the urban area and the reply of Tianshui municipal government on the investment promotion and introduction of high-tech green business printing project of Tianshui Xinhua printing plant, Tianshui municipal government will collect, store and publicly transfer the land of Tianshui Xinhua Printing plant and Tianshui material station in accordance with the policy of going out of the city and entering the park for industrial enterprises

according to the announcement, the total area of the land collected and stored by reader media this time is 9112 square meters, which is collected and stored at the appraisal price of 10.2353 million yuan on November 26, 2020. 2 - pressing depth under the total experimental force f0+f1; After the land is collected and stored, the local government will sell the land publicly and agree to return 70% of the net income of the transfer price to the company to support and reward the transformation and upgrading of enterprises

it plans to purchase 200 mu of land to build a printing Logistics Park

in order to realize the smooth transition of the company's material warehousing business, reader media plans to purchase land in Tianshui city to build a business printing logistics park, based on Tianshui, radiating Guanzhong Plain urban agglomeration, and creating a high-tech green business printing production and warehousing logistics base. The land to be purchased covers an area of about 200 mu, with a total price of about 60million yuan

at present, there is no large-scale business printing enterprise in Gansu Province. The park builds a development platform for the high-tech green business printing industry. It plans to introduce leading business printing enterprises to settle in. With advanced technical equipment and product processes, the park will realize the digitalization, intelligence, integration, green environmental protection and energy-saving production of business printing

relying on serving high-tech green business printing production, reader media will build a smart and efficient logistics storage center. At present, the completion of the first experiment is still in the planning stage. The board of directors of reader media authorizes the management to take full charge of the preliminary work of the construction of the business printing logistics park. After the project feasibility study and relevant matters are fully prepared, the specific matters of the project construction can be decided

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