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Mainland Futures: PE daily review ()

lldpe production and sales dynamics on July 7

1. Shutdown of Guangzhou Petrochemical LLDPE plant; Today's price: 7042 at 15600 yuan/ton, 2001 at 15650 yuan/ton

2. Qilu Petrochemical LLDPE plant produces 7042; Today's price: 7042 at 15500 yuan/ton, qllp01 at 15500 yuan/ton

3. Maoming Petrochemical LLDPE unit produces 7144, and today's price is 7042 at 15500 yuan/ton

4. Tianjin United LLDPE, with a long service life, purchased 9085. Today's prices: 9020 at 15550 yuan/ton, 1820 at 15300 yuan/ton, 9085 at 15500 yuan/ton, 1875 at 15300 yuan/ton

5. Zhongyuan Petrochemical's LLDPE unit is shut down. Today's price: 9505k at 15550 yuan/ton, 9088 at 15550 yuan/ton, 7050 at 15550 yuan/ton

6. The LLDPE unit of Yangzi Petrochemical produces 1801. Today's price: 7042 is at 15650 yuan/ton. The principle of 1 drive system is roughly the same as that of deformation measurement. 802 is at 15700 yuan/ton, and 1801 is at 15650 yuan/ton when the inclined plane of wedge mouth collapses or wears

HC Plastics News: Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Japan's largest petrochemical producer, said on July 1 that it postponed the restart of the No. 1 naphtha cracking unit at Kagoshima plant in eastern Japan for three days until July 4. This cracking unit can produce 410000 T/a ethylene and has been under planned maintenance since May 13. The spokesman of the company said that for the sake of coordination, the start of maintenance of the No. 2 naphtha cracking unit of Kagoshima plant was postponed for two days to July 16. The company originally planned to overhaul unit 2 on August 17. When the unit is operated at full load, it can produce 516000 tons of ethylene per year. After the fire killed four people in December last year, the device was shut down for nearly three months. Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation of Japan is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi parts chemical holding company in the process of experiment or use

plastics once fell below the 15000 point mark on Monday, with obvious weakness. Affected by the decline of crude oil at night, they can sell short at high prices

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