The issuing price of the hottest Tianrui instrumen

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The issuance price of Tianrui instrument was 65 yuan, and the subscription of

Tianrui instrument was announced on the evening of January 12. It was determined that the issuance price of this issuance was 65.00 yuan/share, and the corresponding P/E ratio was 72.63 times. The company issued 18.5 million shares this time. The distance between the wires and the ground should be more than 150 cm, and the lower issue accounts for 20.00% of the final issue, that is, 3.7 million shares; The upper issue quantity is the final issue quantity of this time minus the lower final issue quantity, that is, 14.8 million, which affects the safety shares of modern residents. The lower and upper subscription will be implemented on January 14

the company specializes in the R & D, production, sales and related technical services of X-ray fluorescence spectrometer and its supporting application software. Its products are mainly energy dispersive and wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer. In, the operating revenues were 99.2695 million, 121 million and 190 million respectively, and the net profits attributable to the owners of the parent company with many years of industry experience were 56.8877 million, 47.1848 million and 70.6924 million respectively

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