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Ping An Life Insurance Tianjin Branch: IVR voice return visit is more convenient and faster

in order to provide a variety of return visit methods and make the return visit of the new contract more simple and convenient, Ping An Life Insurance Tianjin Branch has vigorously developed IVR voice response for salesperson's self preservation documents, so as to increase the total number of axles to 5. According to the prompt, enter the area and press the confirm key to return visit, so that the business colleagues of the company can complete the return visit of the new contract faster and more conveniently

sister Zhao, a new salesman of the company, underwritten a self insurance document at the end of January this year. After the receipt was cancelled, she received an IVR voice reply from the new contract to form a joint visit with the titanium alloy endplate. In the initial verification of identity, she needs to enter her date of birth or the last four digits of her ID card for verification. As sister Zhao is older and a new salesman, she doesn't know much about the new IVR return visit and is not proficient in the use of intelligence, so she failed to complete the return visit of the new contract due to the failure of the nuclear body in the first return visit. Seeing that the day of commission settlement was coming, sister Zhao was very anxious, so she called the salesperson's hotline for help. The company received 9551 product model: 1. After the first inquiry, it contacted sister Zhao at the first time. Sister Zhao said that she was afraid that she would not be able to pay a return visit because she would not use the new program, resulting in no commission. After knowing the situation, the return visit personnel patiently told how to operate step by step, and made an appointment in the system for the latest return visit. After the return visit was successful, the organization's return visit personnel immediately informed sister Zhao of the return visit results. Sister Zhao said movingly: Thank you for being so serious and responsible, so that I successfully completed the return visit. Now I really feel that the IVR voice return visit launched by the company is really convenient

although there is a lot of daily follow-up work, whether facing the salesperson or the customer himself, the customer service staff of Ping An Life Insurance Tianjin Branch will do their best to make every salesperson complete the follow-up smoothly

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