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The "resultant force" creation of world forklifts takes the road of independent innovation

the "resultant force" creation of world forklifts takes the road of independent innovation

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Guide: in China, as long as forklifts are mentioned, people will inevitably think of Anhui resultant force forklifts. Over the past 60 years since the establishment of the factory, heli forklift has taken China Heli and improving the future as its mission, written the legend of Anhui Heli - China Heli - the world Heli, witnessed the great change from survival to development, and realized the transformation from

in China, as long as forklift is mentioned, people will inevitably think of Anhui Heli forklift. Over the past 60 years since its establishment, heli forklift has taken "China Heli, improve the future" as its mission, and written the legend of "Anhui pendulum is connected to the host through 1 pendulum shaft; the standard sample decoupling device for pendulum impact testing machine includes: electromagnetic iron suction, support seating force for supporting electromagnetic iron suction - China Heli - the world Heli", witnessing the great change from survival to development, It has achieved a leap from seeking development to "first in China and eighth in the world". In the 1990s, heli forklift established Anhui Forklift Group in the spirit of independent innovation, starting a new milestone in the forklift field. From scratch, from small to large, the development of Heli forklift is closely related to the development of national industrial vehicles, and has embarked on a unique path of independent innovation

the leap from "Apprentice" to "master"

"since its establishment, Anhui Forklift Group has always been moving forward side by side with the national industry with a high sense of mission and sense, and has bravely undertaken the important task of" revitalizing China's forklift industry " The head of Heli I Department said

in the mid-1980s, Japanese forklift manufacturing technology was introduced to a high standard. From the whole machine to key parts, through introduction, digestion, absorption and re innovation, relying on the national enterprise technology center, it always aimed at the top three in the international industry, always followed the hot spots and focuses of Technological Development, increased all-round independent innovation, accelerated the progress of product structure adjustment, and successively developed H2000 series forklifts with completely independent intellectual property rights Energy saving and environment-friendly G-Series forklifts, heavy transportation equipment in container ports, gearbox assemblies, high-strength lost foam castings, actively adjust the product structure, consolidate competitive advantages, increase independent innovation, and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. An integrated innovation system of original innovation, imported innovation, and cooperative innovation has been formed, avoiding the monopoly of China's industrial vehicle industry by foreign capital, Become a leading enterprise in the technology and industrial upgrading of China's industrial vehicle industry

at present, the company is the largest industrial vehicle R & D, manufacturing and export base in China, with the most complete industrial chain and the best comprehensive strength and economic benefits, with a total of 2 If the experimental force and displacement do not change in the process of the experiment, the first batch of national enterprise technology centers and the only national enterprise technology center in the forklift industry are the key high-tech enterprises and national innovative enterprises of the national torch plan, with Anhui Key Laboratory of industrial vehicles and forklift Engineering Research Center in the mechanical industry. The company's R & D capacity is at the domestic leading and international advanced level

over the years, the company has always adhered to innovation driven and scientific development, led the development of the industry with the strategy of technological progress and service leadership, accelerated industrial upgrading, and successfully jumped to the eighth place in the world forklift manufacturing industry in 2011. In 2013, the company produced and sold 80000 forklifts, a year-on-year increase of 20%, reaching a new record. The main economic indicators of the company have remained the first in the same industry in China for 23 consecutive years since 1991

continuous innovation bears great fruit

independent innovation absolutely hy ⑴ 0080 microcomputer controlled electronic universal material testing machine this machine is applicable to the testing, analysis and research of static mechanical properties of metal (including composite materials), rubber plastic, adhesive materials, such as stretching, tightening, bending, shearing, peeling, tearing, load retaining, etc. it is not an "original innovation" made behind closed doors and starting from scratch. Heli forklift adheres to open thinking, always takes mastering core technology and cultivating core competitiveness as the goal, participates in international exchanges and the formulation of international standards, and walks out of the road of independent innovation of "self dominated and independent development" through "introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation"

in recent years, the company has invested more than 685million yuan in R & D, accounting for 4.17% of the company's sales revenue on average. It has successively undertaken two national enterprise technology center innovation capacity projects, "4C integrated technology product R & D system based on PDM" and "heavy vehicle R & D and industrialization" platform, and built a front-end public technology and basic technology platform, product and industry R & D platform The matrix product R & D system composed of backward support service platform, its technical R & D capability represents the highest level in the same industry in China

in addition, Anhui forklift group proposed to "transform traditional industries with high and new technology", and has successively built more than 20 internationally advanced flexible processing production lines, realizing the numerical control of key parts of forklift production; Eight world-class pre-treatment, coating and forklift assembly lines have been built, so that the process equipment of forklift manufacturing from cutting, welding, metal cutting, assembly, machine testing and other key processes can reach the international advanced level

at the same time, according to the requirements of "accelerating the construction of a technological innovation system with enterprises as the main body, market orientation and the combination of industry, University and research", the company has carried out in-depth and multi field industry university research cooperation with domestic and foreign universities and scientific research institutions, especially with Hefei University of technology to jointly build the Provincial Key Laboratory of industrial vehicles to carry out research on basic key common technologies such as vibration, noise, emission, transmission technology, energy-saving technology, Remarkable results have been achieved

last year, the number of new product projects of Anhui Forklift Group was 45, including 11 major projects, and the output value rate of new products reached 53.75%. 161 patents were applied for, including 36 invention patents, 104 authorized patents, including 8 invention patents

he has adhered to independent innovation for decades and achieved fruitful results: he has undertaken 713 scientific research projects, including 54 scientific research projects above the opinion level mentioned by the province, 33 scientific research projects such as the National 863 plan, the torch plan, key new products and major provincial scientific and technological research projects, and has won 15 scientific and technological progress awards above the provincial and ministerial level, including 2 first prize of provincial scientific and technological progress, and three projects have been selected into the provincial 115 project team, "Heli" "Heli" brand has completed trademark registration in more than 60 countries and regions

fill the gap and reflect the strength of products

"from complete machine to parts, from internal combustion vehicles to electric vehicles, from small and medium tonnage to heavy-duty vehicles, from the introduction of technical products to the independent design and manufacture of G series products, our pace of independent manufacturing has not stopped for a moment." Ma Qingfeng, chief engineer of Anhui Forklift Group, said

over the years, the company has formed a full range of 0.5-46 tons of products, more than 500 models, more than 1700 varieties of series forklifts, construction machinery, heavy equipment and key component product lines, all of which have independent intellectual property rights. Among them, heavy equipment, a new generation of environmentally friendly G-Series forklifts, AC series electric forklifts and other products fill the gap in the province or in China. The company continues to lead the technological progress of the industry by relying on continuous innovation and achievement transformation

Heli has been rated as a provincial excellent technology center for eight consecutive years, and the G series 3-ton environmental friendly internal combustion forklift has won the national independent innovation product, G series The 5-ton internal combustion forklift is listed in the national Torch Program The 5-ton AC battery forklift won the first prize of provincial scientific and technological progress, and 7 series of products, including the 45 ton container front crane, won the innovative products of Anhui Province

combined with the market demand, the emission upgrading of internal combustion forklift has been completed, and a series of vehicle models that meet the emission standards of the Fourth United States and the third European Union have been developed. In particular, the 3T dual fuel hydraulic forklift newly independently developed by the company, with its precise design positioning, beautiful appearance and shape, is specially designed for high-density storage, and uses clean and environment-friendly liquefied natural gas as fuel, has fundamentally improved the pollution to the environment during operation. The newly developed new product not only fills the technical gap in China's industrial vehicle industry, At the same time, it will further enhance the competitiveness of Chinese brands in the international market

breakthroughs have also been made in heavy-duty products, tractors, explosion-proof forklifts, loaders, etc. among them, heavy-duty products have broken the monopoly of foreign brands and are exported in batches to developed countries in Europe and the United States, which is the result of the company's accumulated R & D capacity and the embodiment of the company's independent innovation R & D strength

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