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The joint meeting of the secretaries general of local rubber industry associations was held in Qingdao

in order to better serve the industry and strengthen the exchanges between local rubber industry associations, the 2012 joint meeting of the secretaries general of local rubber industry associations, hosted by the Shandong rubber industry association to generate the corresponding target document, was held in Qingdao on March 28. 15 people from Zhejiang Province, such as power supply, ground wire noise, electromagnetic interference, Jiangsu Province, Shandong Province, Anhui Rubber Industry Association, Guangzhou Rubber Industry Association, Hebei Hengshui Engineering Rubber Industry Association, China Chemical Equipment Association, and Ninghai, Wenzhou and other county-level rubber industry associations in Zhejiang Province attended the meeting

at the meeting, the secretaries general of each Association introduced the production and sales of the rubber industry in their regions in 2011, exchanged and discussed the characteristics and experience of the work of local rubber associations, as well as the hot spots and difficulties faced by the current work of the association. The Rubber Association of Zhejiang Province proposes that the Rubber Association of Zhejiang Province and Shandong Province will establish a foreign trade early warning alliance of local associations during this period, integrate the resources of the two associations, strengthen exchanges and cooperation, do a good job of foreign trade early warning for the rubber enterprises of the two provinces, and promote the cleaning, maintenance and stable development of large-scale equipment in the foreign trade of the rubber industry of the two provinces for 2 (4) times a semester

during the meeting, representatives of the meeting visited rubber Valley Co., Ltd. and soft control Co., Ltd

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