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The latest trend of beauty product packaging in 2006

in the past decade, the packaging industry has experienced dramatic changes and is also full of impressive opportunities and challenges. All companies in the industry have to cope with rising energy costs and an evolving market. They must reform and innovate and add value to their products while maintaining price stability

in such an environment, the situation of existing brand manufacturers is not surprisingly changing. New markets are forming and growing rapidly, and new forces in the industry are pouring into the arena one after another

the cosmetics market and perfume market in Europe have stagnated. The growing competition from rising countries has led enterprises to monopolize the market through mergers and globalization, and led to an upsurge flowing to Asia, especially China

international packaging material suppliers have entered Asia (China)

the 2005 version of Cosmoprof Asia witnessed a strong growth trend, especially in cosmetics packaging and OEM manufacturing. Compared with previous years, the position of major western enterprises continues to be strengthened. Maxime d'haussy, head of trade at socoplan in France, said: "the links (in the cosmetics packaging industry) are high-level and multifaceted. Major multinational groups have performed well."

the potential of China's market and local manufacturing industry has supreme attraction for packaging companies. Saint Gobain group, headquartered in France, has launched a series of perfume cosmetics products completely produced by Saint Gobain factory in Guangdong, and announced the addition of a decoration workshop

another proof that these markets until the movable part of the sample completely exposes the fixed part is the increasing reports of Cosmoprof Asia station on Rexam group in the UK and Sante Beaute magazine in Paris on Alcan flexible packaging group in France. Alcan flexible packaging group announced the opening of a new production unit of eyebrow dye oil in Suzhou. Jean Paul meausone, President of Alcan flexible packaging Asia Pacific Division, was quoted as saying that this was because "international customers have great demand"

other major players in Cosmoprof Asia in Hong Kong include Heinz glas, a German glass manufacturer, opening a glass bottle production line in China; HCP (Tengxing Industry Co., Ltd.) announced the opening of a new factory near Shanghai, covering an area of 28000 square meters. This is the third factory opened by the group in China, which will start production in February 2006, with an investment of more than 25 million US dollars. Among them, 48 machines will start production immediately, and about 30 will be put into use successively before the end of the year. The plant will operate in a controlled artificial atmosphere, using injection and ejection technology to produce cosmetic containers and bottles

however, in their traditional market, major suppliers continue to innovate and seek new methods

take the lead in the innovative packaging method of Yves Rocher COCON perfume pump: one-piece spray cover

Alcan flexible packaging group MTP has a comprehensive service workshop designed specifically to solve the most complex problems. In order to present the real packaging scheme to customers, the company now provides a pre assembled spray cover, which has been used in the filling production line

Yves Rocher (Yves Rocher) applied this service scheme to the new men's perfume COCON (collection of new natural ingredients), in which a one-piece spray cover (equipped with pump and dip tube) was assembled at a fixed point in plouhinec (France), a soft package with aluminum

this spray cover consists of five parts. The pump is pre assembled under the expansion regulator made of polyformaldehyde resin, and the PP button is installed in the expansion regulator. This thruster is unexpectedly covered by a super actuator with injected elastomer, which handles the spray system very creatively and effectively. This component is then put into an injection and painting PP long neck bottle. The cap is assembled by vibrating balls in a high-yield assembly station

a new way to solve the packaging of small products: soft 'twist, relocatable rotating plastic bottles

rexam beauty is the world leader in manufacturing spray samples. Its launch of soft' twist is a simple and novel packaging method that can promote the development of small product market. Soft 'twist came into being according to the needs of perfume brands

soft 'twist is a refillable plastic bottle with 2ml glass small devices, with a small sofilux pump on it. As long as you rotate the top of the bottle, the bottle inside will turn out like lipstick. This complex packaging method is obviously inspired by the cosmetics world. There is no doubt that this interesting and creative new gadget will bring new tricks to people who love perfume

if you want to supplement perfume, just remove the small glass bottle and replace it with a new one. The development potential of this easy-to-use product cannot be underestimated. It can be used as a wallet spray for GWP or a small gift safe that can hold multiple bottles of different perfume. Soft 'twist is a perfect design for selling products, marketing and sampling

soft`twist is a standard version, but it can be modified according to customer requirements, thanks to a wide range of decorative methods (such as silk printing, heat printing, painting, gold plating). Soft`twist is a good example of international cooperation. Rexam beauty, a multi skilled department, combined the injection technology of French cosmetic closures with the decoration of China Rexam de quay, and the sofilux pump from Rexam distribution system, jointly launched this new packaging method to the market

Clinique crystal Whitening Series ---- set an example of seamless PCTA bottles

Clinique crystal whitening skin care series includes 30, 50, 150 ml bottles

30 ml package is made of double injection PCTA. First of all, the Pearl like PCTA model uses simple PCTA to make thickness (to protect the products in the bottle), depth (for better graphic reconstruction), and transparency at the bottom (to create a light feeling and attract customers). It requires a lot of trial production work to mold and demould such a long container, especially the vertical dividing line should be basically invisible. The bottleneck is also poured by PCTA, and then the super frequency sound is positioned and welded to the bottle top. A separate air tightness inspection should be carried out at the same time as welding to ensure that the two components are perfectly welded together. After that, the bottle will go through three decorative steps: silver hot printing, gray and green silk printing

50 ml bottle, made by single injection based on the same principle, is also a technical achievement in manufacturing long models

finally, there is a 150 ml bottle with aluminum flexible packaging. The bottle cap produced by techpack consists of three parts: a Pearl White PCTA exterior, a pearl green PCTA interior, and a screwed pearl green PP insert. The technical trick here is not to glue or clip the three parts together, but to use super frequency sound positioning welding to ensure that this series of products are completely consistent in visual design and style

Brazil's natura company and the British Rexam group create environmental protection packaging materials

natura is the most important cosmetics and personal care company in Brazil. Headquartered in Sao Paulo, natura and Rexam distribution system work together to develop modern environmental protection personal care packaging for its full range of deodorant brands, starting with men's' SR n de Natura '(Mr. n from natura) spray bottles. Rexam uses its rich global resources to provide all the components for this new high consumption deodorant packaging: packaging design and engineering technology from France; Pump making process from the United States; And manufacturing and assembly from Brazil

renato wakimoto, packaging research and testing manager of natura, said: "Our challenging task for Rexam is to achieve our specific objectives for the project and must fully comply with our requirements. We want to retain the personality of natura products. In the deodorant market, our product packaging has become a unique symbol, but at the same time, we should reduce environmental pollution, ensure that the packaging is easy to reload, and optimize the packaging. 3. Maintenance of oil source: the packaging supply chain." The solution provided by Rexam to natura began with several preliminary ideas in France. Finally, through cooperation with natura's product development team, the final design is a smooth and modern shape, which is characterized by a screw plug at the bottom of the bottle to supplement the original retail products. The bottom of the bottle is sonic welded to the container bottle, and Rexam actuator and TNP pump are directly and properly installed in the oval bottle crown. Such an overall shape brings a smooth and elegant appearance to the dark green packaging of the whole body. This 100ml bottle is injection molded and made of polypropylene. Natura logo is printed on the surface of the container with silk. In the future, natura deodorant will be packed in the same container, but the packaging color and decoration will be different

in addition to the French Rexam engineers' contributions to natura's packaging design, Rexam TNP pump technology, which is located in Thomaston, Conn, and the new production equipment of Rexam in Brazil, which is supported and introduced by European and American teams, also contribute. Due to the use of new customized processing and machine installation to produce packaging, this new Rexam South America company has become the first local manufacturing enterprise of this type

techpack UK takes the lead in providing all-round services for perfume products

by simplifying the supply chain (using a single commodity code or annotation), avoiding intermediary transshipment to save time, formulating trial markets and planning tests in advance, and increasing industrial resources if they succeed quickly, te civil aircraft airworthiness qualified supplier qualification certification is being successfully promoted. Chpack hopes to bring flexibility and rapid response to product launch

the full-service unit is based in challes, France. The goal is to make the boldest ideas possible and get rid of the logistics constraints associated with redoing operations for highly complex and sophisticated designs

this workshop covers an area of 132 square meters, including:

air conditioning system equipped with air filtration and exchange function

PKB Robo filling line, equipped with pump connection fasteners (crimping or accessories), plastic or metal collar accessories (pump cover accessories), as well as ink jet marks for identifying and tracking filled bottles

vacuum chamber and accurate scale to ensure filling quality

an air plug with a section of 9.6 meters, Used to transfer perfume barrels from the storage rack to the filling workshop

a temperature regulated 18000 liter sealed storage area

the latest perfume pump and foaming nozzle of British emsar company

thanks to a small stacking height, the new element pump gives designers more flexibility to create the packaging design they want. At the same time, many features of this pump are also extremely suitable for perfume

the stacking height of the element pump, which is only more than 11mm, makes the packaging designer play more freely. With easy actuation and effective pre compression characteristics, this pump has always been an ideal high-quality perfume spray. Since the spring is not in contact with the product, this pump is easy to be compatible with perfume

can be used in 70 and 100 ml doses, with 13 and 15 mm metal rings, FEA and GPI

emsar also launched a new extrusion foaming nozzle ecosqueeze TM foamer: This is a new foaming method with sudden inspiration. As long as you squeeze the bottle, you can turn the liquid into rich foam

the bottle design is characterized by a patented quick recovery design, which can be easily used directly with one hand. This bottle is environmentally friendly and made of all plastic. It is suitable for 24/410 and 28/410 necks closed with a rotating cap

Rexam group used US $257.5 million in merger fees to consolidate its presence

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