The latest type of water pump has been successfull

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The new water pump was successfully developed in Gansu

the new water pump developed by Gansu topu Pump Industry Co., Ltd. passed the appraisal in Lanzhou recently

compared with the traditional water pump represented by centrifugal pump, this pump has the advantages of small volume, light weight, high efficiency, flexible and diverse power modes, obvious energy-saving effect, low manufacturing cost and wide application range

this new type of pump can be used for the transportation of all kinds of fluids (such as water, oil, chemical liquids, etc.), and can gradually form a multi series and multi specifications with diverse power modes and a wide range of applications, which makes the test of oscillation more important, ensuring its international leading position and important products in the field of graphene used in flexible display, touch screen and chip, and can be widely used in agricultural irrigation and other fields

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