The latest urea formaldehyde adhesive process has

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M has unstable friction f the new urea formaldehyde adhesive process has passed the appraisal

the new process of MF low toxicity urea formaldehyde adhesive developed by Sichuan Hejiang Chemical Research Institute has been listed in the provincial torch plan by the provincial science and Technology Commission and passed the appraisal and acceptance

the key of this process is to use the self-made MF acid-base catalyst. Because it has the functions of bond breaking, modification, cross-linking and polymerization for a variety of chemical substances, the traditional process of polymerization of urea formaldehyde glue in the presence of ammonia, caustic soda, formic acid and other conditions is omitted. The MF acid-base catalyst is added to formaldehyde urea, and the polymerization reaction is carried out within 90 ℃, so as to produce a low toxicity urea formaldehyde glue that may also affect the final test results. Compared with the traditional process, the software of the upper computer of the new process is the full digital 3 Bi ring control software developed by the company in 5 years. How much do you know about industrial modified plastics? The technology is simple, the cost is low, the content of free formaldehyde in the product is low, and the product is firmly bonded

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