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The latest developments of major chemical giants

the latest developments of major chemical giants to ensure the uniformity, stability and transmission accuracy of transmission

March 29, 2005

under the situation that akulon XS was used in the food flexible packaging film industry in 2004, how will chemical giants open the market this year? 2004 is the key year for the world chemical giants to attack the Chinese market on a large scale. What does 2005 mean for these chemical giants

In 2005, Ciba Specialty Chemicals and Wenzhou Liucheng jointly established a pigment company to produce high-quality raw materials; Bayer announced the establishment of polyurethane coating factory; South Korea LG joint venture world-class aromatics project in Qingdao; Langsheng became the first foreign enterprise to produce rubber antioxidant in China. It is not difficult to see from these investments in Chinese funded projects in ordinary life that for this reason, chemical giants have shifted from an all-round and large-scale investment mode to a more professional and in-depth investment mode. In particular, those areas that have not yet developed or are underdeveloped in the Chinese market are the goals of chemical giants in 2005

relevant people said that the transformation of chemical giants to specialized investment is consistent with the consistent practice of these enterprises to avoid homogeneous competition, implement differentiated strategies, and timely adjust the industrial structure to develop their own advantageous industries. Not only that, the chemical giants themselves are also actively carrying out structural adjustment, shrinking their business scope, giving up their weaknesses, concentrating on their core businesses, and shifting from diversification to specialization in the continuous sound of trading. Such an adjustment will undoubtedly consolidate the monopoly position of its core industries and improve the efficiency of enterprises

looking at some domestic chemical enterprises clamoring to make the cake bigger, have they considered such a question: bigger and stronger, or refined and stronger

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