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The latest unique machine freeformer

is demonstrated in the arbor K exhibition. As an innovative machinery manufacturer, arbor has carried out a large number of dry design of the hydraulic system for the additive manufacturing process of plastic parts. The following points should be paid attention to in the dry design: development work. ABG has recently successfully developed a unique machine freeformer and a new process, the patented Arburg plastic Freeforming (AKF), and exhibited two of them at the k2013 exhibition to demonstrate the production of single component and two-component parts

as its name suggests, this new experimental process produces faults, and the equipment automatically stops the machine. When plastic is freely formed, there is no need for molds or prefabricated mold cavities. Using AKF, freeformer can directly process 3dcad files. As in injection molding machines, standard plastic pellets are melted in an integral way, and liquid droplets are formed from liquid melts, and then the additive method is adopted, that is, full function parts are manufactured layer by layer. In this way, parts can be economically manufactured individually, and injection molds are not required at all, because a batch of parts are produced by one device

akf can use traditional plastic pellets, and there is no need to supply prefabricated forms, such as powder or strip; The use of prefabricated materials will result in higher costs for materials, processes, and manufactured parts. Low material consumption is also important, because freeformer can work without supporting structure, so it will not produce waste, which greatly reduces the cost

freeformer's success can only be achieved by mastering the correct method development, which has enabled ABG to take another step in broadening the overall production requirements of the plastic processing industry. 2. When doing tensile experiments

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