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The latest trend of packaging technology from the Tokyo International Packaging Exhibition

at the end of 2000, the Japan Packaging Technology Association (President: Takahashi Dazhi) successfully held the "Tokyo International Packaging Exhibition 2000". At the biennial packaging industry event, the strength from raw materials to machinery was so great that the industry had a premonition of machinery and equipment, processing technology and logistics machinery. 556 manufacturers from Japan and abroad launched colorful exhibits. Here, we will discuss the new trend of Technological Development in the packaging industry based on the exhibits of various companies

first, the rate of resource reuse is increasing

in the past 2000 years, Japan began to implement the container packaging reuse law and the environmental economy law, which made it clear from the height of the law that the manufacturers and users of specific containers and packaging have the obligation to recycle and reuse the containers and packaging. Therefore, in this exhibition, we can see that there are a large number of eco-friendly and environment-friendly goods on display. Moreover, since paper containers are easier to recycle than metal and plastic products, enterprises have launched fierce competition in the product development of the former

Prince Paper Co., Ltd. developed corrugated paper with water resistance and moisture resistance to replace the packaging materials made of foamed plastic to complete the packaging and transportation of fresh food. The manufacturer mainly uses raw materials with waterproof properties in the middle core of the corrugated paper, and applies a certain agent on its surface to achieve the waterproof effect of directly putting it into ice without water seepage. Because this kind of corrugated paper has not been treated with paraffin or die, it can be directly recycled as waste paper after use

in addition, Prince Paper Co., Ltd. reshapes the waste paper according to the shape of its applicable object, and uses it as a buffer and fixing material after drying. Because its recycling technology is simple, and at the same time, it can meet the needs of reducing product weight and reducing costs. Therefore, from fruit packaging to electrical product packaging, this kind of fixed material made of waste paper has a broad space for use, which is regarded by the industry as another way to improve the problem of waste paper surplus

on the other hand, paper containers can't be used to hold oils, chemicals, etc. now the common practice is to use polypropylene and polyethylene materials to make plastic containers, and then affix paper labels. If you do so, when recycling these containers, you must first separate the label from the container itself, which undoubtedly adds a lot of trouble

Prince oil Synthetic Paper Co., Ltd. has developed new products that are convenient for recycling to solve this problem. It uses synthetic paper with polypropylene as the main raw material as the label paper, which has the dual characteristics similar to film and paper at the same time. Therefore, it not only has excellent water resistance, oil resistance and drug resistance, but also can wholeheartedly provide customers with a full range of services to stick it on plastic containers like paper labels. When recycling, it is no longer necessary to separate it from the container, and it can be recycled together

II. Digital trend

in addition to eco-friendly and environmental friendly products, there are also many exhibits reflecting the digital trend of packaging design and plate making. In order to shorten the production period, reduce costs and simplify the process, the packaging industry, in addition to continuing to pay attention to the digital mechanical equipment such as DPT, has also paid special attention to color correction in order to meet the needs of some special orders for aerogel gel, an ultra light solid material with nano porous structure, and to realize the multi-purpose of special printing paper such as transparent tape for flexible packaging

a color printer named microline7050c was displayed at the exhibition. Although it is only a printer for packaging, in order to obtain realistic effects, the manufacturer has expanded the number of output lines to 190 lines, and made it capable of handling 12 kinds of color inks, including impervious colorless and white inks. In addition to the printed paper, it can also be printed on special scotch tape

the company that developed the above printers also launched rip "bestcolor", an inkjet software used to process ICC files, at the same time. Previously, due to the use of many special colors on the packaging, the data correction software was not very easy to use, but more and more companies saw its development prospects and were actively considering the introduction of printers and their color management systems to improve their performance. In addition, in order to reduce production costs, more and more companies among them have mastered the technology of implementing color correction on inkjet printers. This trend will be more obvious in the future. It can also purchase multiple sets of equipment for production at the same time

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